Our Story

Our idea for Kind Paws came from a simple premise: We are a group of pet owners and animal advocates who came together to take our love of animals, expertise in product development, and commitment to giving back and put all of that into the company and products.

We have invested extensive time and resources over the course of a few years researching, testing, developing and using our products. And the result is beneficial and delicious recipes and products for pets. We focused our sourcing on the best local products we could find. All of our partner farms are locally based here in the USA with love put into every batch.

Kind Paws and all its products, members and activities are based upon three pillars:

  • One: prioritize at all times the well-being and happiness of our customers and the pets who will be using our products, all decisions are mandatory to be made with this in mind.
  • Two: seek and utilize the best ingredients for the desired product goal and offer a range of products so the vast majority of the pet owning community can enjoy.
  • Three: always give back, always give your all, always be Kind.

Our mission is for our pets to live longer, happier, healthier lives. So that we can all enjoy our Kind Paws together!

Kind Paws | Be Happy, Be Well, Be Kind