Our Mission

At Kind Paws, we believe your pet should have the best quality of life and treats that go along with it. By making high quality, organic and natural, fresh treats accessible to all pet owners, every pet and parent alike can have peace of mind. Kind Paws is founded by pet owners for pet owners, so there’s nothing more important to us than providing natural, healthy, and delicious treats that your pet will love. Pets are our best friends, but we all know they can be challenging, especially when they’re suffering from stress, anxiety, agitation, and discomfort. At Kind Paws we focus on your pets health and wellness over everything. Every single one of our products is third-party lab tested for purity and safety to ensure the highest level of potency along with the healthiest option for your pet.

Why CBD?

Dogs and cats alike have endocannabinoid receptors that allow for CBD to function the same way it does in humans. This means that pets who suffer from stress, anxiety, or symptoms of aging can count on Kind Paws to ease their symptoms while enjoying delicious products. Our satisfied customers have found that a daily dose of Kind Paws greatly improves their pet’s overall mood and comfort levels.

We know it can be overwhelming when searching for the right CBD treats for your pet. That’s why at Kind Paws we strive to use the best possible ingredients in our formula. We source our organic ingredients locally in Colorado and use full-spectrum CBD of the highest quality to ensure that your pet is getting pure, effective, and delicious treats that will keep them calm and comfortable. You can choose treats, oil, peanut butter, or any combination of the three Kind Paws products to cater to your pets preferences. Treats provide parents the option to reward their pet on the go. Oil allows parents to accurately dose their pet for fast acting relief. Peanut butter gives parents the option to adapt their normal treat routine and give their pets something extra delicious, whether it be on a Lick Mat, in a Kong Ball, or straight off the spoon! Kind Paws aims to provide the best CBD treats for pets of all breeds, shapes, sizes, and temperaments.

Benefits of Kind Paws:

  • Encourages a sense of calm and relaxation in antsy pets
  • Minimizes physical and emotional signs of stress
  • Beneficial addition to pet wellness regimen
  • Lab tested and certified non-GMO treats that haven’t been exposed to toxic chemicals
  • Organically sourced and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with CBD