Answers to your questions

Do you think I should get the oil tinctures or treats?
The benefits from all of our products from the tinctures to the treats and the peanut butter are all equal. The tinctures can easily be added to your pets food or administered directly into your pets mouth. Treats are great for an enjoyable snack with great benefits as well as our peanut butter. The difference comes down to which product is most convenient to the owner.
What if my pet is taking medication?
Kind Paws products are completely safe for your pet to take with other medications. CBD is a natural component of hemp oil and will not interfere with any other medications that your pet may be taking.
Are Kind Paws products legal?
Yes. All of Kind Paws products are legal and can be lawfully shipped across 47 states. The states we currently do not sell or ship to are ID, NE or SD at this time. We also do not currently ship internationally.
Will CBD (or "Kind Paws") products get my pet high?
CBD is the non-psychoactive part of the Cannabis plant. Kind Paws products do not contain THC which is the primary psychoactive component in the cannabis plant. Just like humans, our pets have endocannabinoid receptors so our CBD products are completely safe to use with any animal. We always recommend using the guidelines on the back of the product for proper dosages.
How long does it take for these products to take effect?
Effects generally take 20 minutes to an hour depending on your pets size and weight. When giving your pet CBD it is a good idea to start with a lower dosage and work your way up to a higher dosage slowly until your pet receives optimal results. All pets are different so results may vary.
What are the known side effects with Kind Paws products?
All of our products contain natural CBD that is derived from 100% natural hemp oil. Your pet will not experience any side effects with Kind Paws products unless they have allergies to any of the ingredients in our products. The most common side effect is drowsiness.
Are Kind Paws products only for Cats and Dogs or can I give them to my horse, rabbit or other pets?
Like humans all animals have endocannabinoid receptors so all pets are free to enjoy Kind Paws products. We always suggest to refer to the recommended dosages on our products in order for your pet to receive the best results.
What is the difference between Organic & Natural lines?
Kindpaws organic treats are made with USDA certified human grade ingredients that are proudly sourced in Colorado, USA. Our Natural line of products consist of a 100% natural hemp oil and that is made in the USA from start to finish. Both Organic and Natural lines are equal in benefits, with the only difference being the Organic line is USDA certified Organic.