What You Should Consider When Administering CBD To Your Pet

When you're looking to administer CBD to your pet, there are many things that you have to take into consideration. CBD treats for pets are commonly found in many places today, but you must choose which product and brand you will use carefully.

With the right brand and quality products, CBD has a lot of benefits for any pet. Here are some things you should be considering when administering CBD to your pet:

Your Pet's Age and Weight

Your pet's age, weight, and even breed can affect how well they respond to CBD. When your pet has a lot of weight, it might take more than the usual dose to get the same results as intended. When you want to ensure that you're using the right dose for your pet, reaching out to the brand you are buying from, or your vet might be worthwhile.

If you have administered the required dose to your pet but don't see the changes, it might be time to contact customer support where you're buying the product from.

The Intended Effect

When you think of giving CBD to your pet, you need to know what you expect from the product itself. If your pet is going through cancer treatment or suffers from frequent anxiety, you might intend for the CBD to help ease the symptoms for your pet.

Many people use CBD to improve their pets' holistic health, and if that is your intention, you have to look for changes. Monitoring your pet will help you determine whether the product has the intended effect on your pet.


CBD pet treats don't generally have any side effects; however, this can also depend on the dosage. If you are administering too high of a dose, it can temporarily lead to low blood pressure in your pet. You might also notice some changes in digestion, which can lead to temporary diarrhea.

If you notice your pet being lethargic for the first few days, that's completely normal. Over time, if you keep noticing this lethargy, it is advisable to stop CBD and see if that is making any changes. There are no long-term side effects of utilizing CBD products for pets.


You need to know for sure what is contained inside any CBD product that you are planning on administering to your pet. You don't want them to ingest a product that contains something they are allergic to. Typically, you want to look for a product with organic ingredients to ensure that your pet is getting the best.

Also, check for USDA certification as it can help determine whether the product is safe for your pet to ingest.

Looking for the Perfect CBD Product? We're Here to Help

When you want to ensure that your pet gets the best, considering all these aspects while buying CBD products is essential. KindPaws is here to help you get the best for your pet through our range of high-quality CBD products. Whether you're looking for CBD peanut butter or treats for your pets, we have it all!

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