How to Use CBD Oil to Train Your Cat

Your feline friends are your best companions and the source of comfort during times of stress. However, do you know that cats too can suffer from anxiety and depression and be severely agitated although they have a calm appearance? Training a new cat is crucial to get it accustomed to your routine, but it can be challenging if your cat is anxious or agitated.

Here is how you can use CBD oil for cats to make the process easier.

When to Use CBD Oil for your Cat?

CBD Oil for Cats

You might find your cat resisting you on a variety of occasions during the training period. It might not want to use the litter box. Or even if it does, it could also be urinating or defecating around other parts of the house at odd hours. This can disrupt your pet’s litter training.

Your cat might suddenly become reclusive when it's time to use the litter box or when you might want to bathe it. Also, it could become aggressive and try to scratch or bite you, despite all your attempts to soothe it with calming words and soft pets. Using CBD oil in such cases can be of great help.

How to Administer CBD Oil?

You can administer CBD oil to your cats by using pet treats and give them as positive reinforcement. Provide it with a treat before using the litter box or clip its nails or comb its furs. CBD oil-infused treats will help it down.

Once cats are relaxed, they will lose the aggressive strain, and you will find it easier to pick them up and pet them. Once they have grown entirely comfortable in your presence, you can train them for the things you want.

How Long Will It Take for the CBD Oil to Work?

Usually, the duration depends on the size and weight of your cat. It could be an hour by the time your cat's digestive system breaks down the treat, and the system absorbs the CBD oil. If you want quicker results, you can administer CBD oil sublingually, and it usually starts to take effect with twenty to thirty minutes.

You must remember that CBD oil for cats only works best for training when combined with positive interactions. For example, cats can get very anxious before traveling. To make them used to the idea, get out your cat bag or crate and allow your cat to get used to it by placing your cat inside it for some time every day for a week or so, leading to the day of your travel.


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