CBD Oil for Pets: What’s In The Label?

When you are looking to ensure a better quality of life for your pet, finding the best products for them to use is crucial. CBD products have long been hailed as the ideal cure for many ailments, both for humans and animals.

However, before you start looking for the perfect CBD oil for pets or any other type of CBD oil, you must know what’s in it. The ingredient list for CBD oils can differ depending on where you’re buying. Keep reading to find out more about CBD oil, what you should look for and more.

What You Should Look For

Many CBD products are available for pets today, and when you’re looking for the perfect one, here are some things you should look for on the label:

  • USDA Certification: Ingredients are grown and processed, keeping in mind federal guidelines and considering soil quality, pest control, additives, and more.
  • Organic: Ingredients are grown without toxic pesticides, chemicals, growth hormones and antibiotics.
  • Vegan: Ingredients do not come from any animal sources.
  • Human-grade ingredients: Considered edible for humans
  • Non-GMO: Grown and created without any genetic engineering
  • No Gluten
  • No Preservatives

Natural Ingredients

When you want the best for your pet, you have to ensure that you’re looking for products that contain as many natural ingredients as possible. You don’t want unknown chemicals harming your pet, and looking through ingredients is essential to ensure this.

Some ingredients you can find in organic hemp oil for pets are:

  • Organic safflower oil or any other carrier oil: It is used to aid digestion and maintain the efficacy of CBD oil. Other carrier oils that you can find are coconut and palm oil (also known as MCTs), avocado and grapeseed oil.
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil (includes secondary cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids): It is the main ingredient that gives the oil’s efficacy.

Minimal Preservatives

If you’re looking for products that are not necessarily organic or natural, you can increase the risk of your pet reacting adversely to them. Preservatives can extend the shelf-life of any product but at the risk of your pet’s safety.

Look for products that contain minimal to no preservatives for the best efficacy and safety. Finding products made in the USA can ensure that they are made fresh and approved by the authorities.

Efficacy and Dosage

You will generally find the dosage information on the food label as well. Whether you’re buying CBD oil for cats or dogs, the dosage can differ. The weight and size of your pet can also determine the ideal dosage of the product.

Efficacy will generally depend on your pet’s anatomy and condition. The label will also tell you how long it can take for the effects of the oil to show on your pet. You need to know all the critical information before you start giving any product to your pet.

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