CBD Dog Treats for a Stress-Free Playdate

Going over to a friend's house can be stressful for your pets. For dogs, it can be overwhelming to meet new people and experience new environments.

That's where CBD pet treats come in! CBD has been shown to have anti-anxiety effects in humans, which is likely true for dogs. This blog will discuss their benefits for playdates and how to use them safely.

1. CBD Treats Are a Natural Way to Reduce Anxiety

Anxiety can occur due to many things such as fireworks, car rides, or meeting new people and dogs. CBD dog treats can help to relax your pup and make them feel more comfortable in stressful situations.

When a dog is anxious, its body goes into "fight or flight" mode. It means that its heart rate and respiration increase, and it may start to pant and shake. CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, which helps regulate mood and anxiety. Giving your dog these treats can help take the edge off and make them feel more relaxed.

2. They Are Safe and Non-Toxic

The best thing about CBD pet treats is that they're completely safe and non-toxic. So, you don't have to worry about your dog experiencing any side effects.

CBD is a natural compound that comes from the hemp plant. It's not psychoactive, so it won't get your dog high. It will not produce any euphoric or intoxicating effects. It makes CBD safe for dogs of all ages and sizes.

3. They Can Be Given Along with Other Medications

If your dog is under medication for other ailments like anxiety or pain, you can still give them CBD treats. It might even help with the other medications' efficacy. Just talk to your veterinarian before giving your dog any medication, even natural ones like CBD.

4. The Treats Are Available in Many Flavors and Formulations

Lastly, CBD dog treats are available in various flavors and formulations to meet your pup's needs. There's something for every pup, from savory bacon-flavored treats to grain-free options. And they're easy to administer. Give your pup the recommended amount based on their weight before heading out for the day.

How to Choose the Best CBD Treats For Your Dog?

The first is to make sure the treats contain no THC. It is the psychoactive compound in cannabis that gets people high and can be harmful to dogs. Second, look for organic ingredients and third-party lab results showing the amount of CBD in the product.

Organic ingredients are always the best choice for your pet, as they are free of harmful pesticides and chemicals. CBD products should also be third-party lab tested to ensure they contain the advertised amount of CBD and no more than 0.03% THC.

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