4 Ways You Can Bring Comfort to Your Aging Pet

Watching our pets get older and suffer the pains of age breaks our hearts. When you watch your dog struggle up and down the stairs because of arthritis or see your cat lose appetite and energy, you feel their pain. You want to bring them as much comfort as you can in their final stage of life. Here are some practical ways to bring your furry companion some peace during their senior years.

Keep Warm
Just like older people, older pets are much more sensitive to temperature change. Extremely cold or hot weather is hard on them physically because they cannot thermoregulate as well. Make sure not to leave them outside in the cold for long or take them for walks in the heat. Keeping your house at a comfortable temperature can help your aging pet stay comfortable.

Stay Active
Light to moderate exercise and physical activity can help your older pet stay healthy. It can help guard against heart and lung failure and fight arthritis. Short walks and light physical activities are best to avoid overdoing it and causing your pet injury. If your pet struggles with certain activities, like jumping up on the couch, you can provide them with aids, like small pet stairs or ramps.

Remain Attentive
As your pet gets older, stay attentive to any unusual symptoms. Catching health problems early on means they will be easier to treat, and you can avoid complications. Make sure to take your pet to the vet annually to make sure your pet is healthy. Animals can't communicate if they are feeling ill, so it is up to us to keep an eye on them and make sure they are acting normally.

Rest and Relax
Pets often struggle with painful arthritis as they age. You can talk to your vet about pain management options, as well as trying products like CBD oil for pets. CBD oil for dogs and cats is an easy, natural pain reliever that promotes joint health. It also has a calming effect and can help your older dog sleep better. CBD oil also stimulates appetite if your older pet is struggling to eat.

To quote Dr. Nicholas Dodman, co-founder of the Center for Canine Behavior Studies and a professor at Tufts University, "I think CBD holds great promise, especially for treating anxiety and for pain."

CBD Oil for Pets

Clearly, CBD oil for pets has many benefits, especially for older cats and dogs.
As shown, there are many ways you can help your pet age gracefully and enjoy its golden years to the fullest. Keeping your pet at a comfortable temperature, staying active, and being attentive is all-important. Products like CBD oil for pets can help your pet maintain its well-being by supporting neurological health, joint mobility, reducing anxiety and pain, and giving your pet a glossier coat. You can find CBD oil for pets along with CBD treats and other products at Kind Paws.

Every pet owner knows how tough it is watching our pet's age outpace our own; seeing those changes are not easy. Whether it's their mobility, cognitive functions, or simply not seeing them as playful as when they were puppies, we created a guide to help pet-owners find practical ways to comfort their aging little pals.

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