How CBD Oil Can Help Pets with Travel Anxiety

Traveling is super stressful for just about everyone. Catching flights, fighting traffic, navigating a new area; all of it can be overwhelming. It can be especially hard on pets who have travel anxiety or motion sickness. There are natural ways to help your pet travel more comfortably and reduce their fear and anxiety.

Signs of Travel Anxiety

Signs and symptoms of travel anxiety or motion sickness can include agitation, panting, trembling, barking, scratching, whining, attempting escape, urinating, diarrhea, and vomiting. The causes of anxiety can include unfamiliar environment, strange people, motion of the vehicle, and dozens of new stimuli, both visual and auditory. Motion sickness is primarily caused by vehicle travel but can also happen during flight as well.

Coping Methods

Allowing your pet to look out the window of your car while you drive might be a simple solution to prevent motion sickness. However, make sure that if your pet is loose in the car that they cannot jump up and interfere with your driving.

In some animals, this will have the opposite effect and cause them more anxiety. If this is the case, then put your pet in a cage or crate and wrap a blanket or towel around it to give them a dark, peaceful environment.

Bringing a favorite toy or blanket may also provide your pet with some comfort during a difficult journey. Speaking in a soothing voice or playing calming music may also help your pet to relax.

You can also reward them with treats so that they associate traveling with something positive, allowing them to fear it less. This method is called counterconditioning.  

In severe cases, your vet can prescribe anti-anxiety and anti-nausea medications to help your pet weather a lengthy road trip. Other natural herbal remedies can also help, such as ginger or lavender. Taking frequent breaks and allowing your pet to get some fresh air can also help them stay calm.


Another natural option that has been proven to work effectively is CBD oil for pets. CBD oil is derived from the cannabis plant, but does not have any of the compound THC, which is associated with getting high. CBD oil has many health benefits, including improved joint health, better neurological function, reduced inflammation, healthier skin and coat, and lessened anxiety. CBD oil’s calming effect can help pets cope with the stress of travel. Plus, CBD can help reduce nausea, which will help offset motion sickness.

If your pet struggles with travel anxiety or motion sickness, there are things you can do to help them. There are a wide variety of tricks and tips to make them more comfortable, such as giving them CBD oil. At Kind Paws, you can find CBD treats, oil, and CBD peanut butter to help reduce your pet’s travel anxiety and motion sickness. Check out our store today!